Windows 10 Anniversary Update to Come with Windows 10 Pink (Hello Kitty)

Dona Sarkar is the newly appointed chief of Windows Insider after Gabe Aul. After taking responsibility of Windows Insider, she is fairly providing all the information and upcoming update. Today she announced that there will be no new insider build for Windows 10, but there are somethings interesting coming soon.

Now what interesting things are coming late this week or next that?

The following tweet might be the answer to this question, which is tweeted by @Lyraull. The fact is that he is a Microsoft partner. He tweeted that, we’re updating Windows 10 Anniversary update in Windows 10 P a.k.a Windows 10 Pink (Hello Kitty) Late this week or next week.

So the screenshot of Windows 10 Pink leaked by Lyraull in his tweet confirms that Windows 10 Pink is going to be the one out of interesting thing mentioned in the tweet of Dona Sarkar. What next? For that, we need to wait for next leak or update released by officials.

windows 10 pink in anniversary update

As far as we know, this teaser applies for both Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 PCs. We will definitely share more information about it when available.

In the meantime, let us know what you think about Windows 10 Pink? Also, what you expect from Windows 10 Anniversary update.

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